blue scout music offers:

song licensing and needledrops
original music production
music direction and supervision

for the advertising, television, and film communities.

joey prather, music director
dedicated to living a diverse musical life, joey has toured the usa, canada, brazil, and europe performing and producing indie rock, electro, punk, old time, folk/blues, jazz, experimental, and classical. originally from kentucky, joey left the bluegrass state to go swim with the sharks in nyc.
he took a job as an engineer/composer at a soho music production studio, learning the ins and outs of this crazy little business. joey's experience is as varied as the gray in his hair, composing music for film, tv, ads, cell phones, and cookouts; music production for bands, records, cds, cb radio, and good times too. he's a proud papa, and thinks roscoe holcomb hung the moon.

katie garey, producer extraordinaire
katie comes from the mean streets of los angeles and brings a varied background with her. she has spent years as a cook, counselor, and choir member. never resting, katie works tirelessly to get independent music in-to the hands of media executives, promoting good music and peaceful hearts nationwide.

blue scout music is the end result of these diverse experiences. we are founded on the belief that listening is the most important aspect of our business. we listen to our clients, and we find/create the perfect musical world for great projects from award-winning ad producers and directors, and major tv production companies.
photo credits - index: whatknot, production: victoradrianramia, licensing: tess j, supervision: rosino, music supervision: gabu-chan, info: ioerror.

all found photos from flickr. thanks to all. be creative.

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